Divine Dance (1908). Pierre Vidal (French, 1849-1913).
A pupil of A. Cadart, Vidal first exhibited at the Salon de Paris in 1874. He was one of the premier chroniclers of Paris in the Belle Epoque. Vidal illustrated texts by writers such as Balzac, Maupassat, Louys, Flaubert and Daudet, either with drawings or original etchings.

Untitled (Girl by the sea), Anne Wardrope Brigman. (1869 - 1950)

Interesting News. Francis Coates Jones (American, 1857-1932). Oil on canvas.
Jones’ early work consisted primarily of sentimental genre scenes set in richly decorated interiors. Although he initially painted in a tight, academic manner, with much attention to detail, Jones’s style became broader in execution after about 1910, reflecting the influence of Impressionism. Around the same time, he began to put a greater emphasis on informal scenes of women at leisure in both interior and outdoor settings.